International report on current developments in Interim Management

EO Executives’ Interim Management Report 2023 offers well-founded insights into the use of interim management in companies, as well as the profile and challenges faced by interim managers.

Learn how organizations utilize interim management for change, crisis resolution, and skill gaps and discover ideal durations, rates, and key factors that make interim managers invaluable.

The Interim Management Report has been brought to you by EO Executives – Results through people.

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The Interim Management Report 2023

This report examines various questions on the topic of interim management in order to keep track of current developments in the market. These questions include:

What is the typical profile of an interim manager?
Which companies hire interim managers?
For what reasons are interim managers hired?
Which characteristics of interim managers offer companies the greatest added value?
How do interim assignments come about, and what time span do they cover?
What role do interim providers play in the interim market?
What are the differences between different regions in Europe and the world?
What long-term impact did the global pandemic have on the use of interim management?
What challenges and potentials can be identified in the current polycrisis?

These charts tell the story of the Interim Management Report 2023

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EO Executives is an international executive search firm and an interim management provider. For more than 20 years, we have been filling management positions in close cooperation with our clients – both with permanent and temporary executives or interim managers.

We believe that companies expect more than many executive search firms can offer them, and we are not satisfied until our executives deliver the desired results once they have been successfully positioned within the company. Only then we refer to the Perfect Match.

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