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For more than ten years, EO Executives has published the Interim Management Report, which is based on the responses of several thousand interim managers and is designed to help companies and executives keep track of current developments in the market.

A total of 2,710 interim managers from all continents and age groups took part in our survey. For this year‘s report, four core statements can be identified that influence the assignment of interim management – especially during the pandemic.


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In this report you will discover:

  • for which reasons interim managers are assigned in companies
  • in which industries interim managers were most recently active
  • what experience interim managers typically possess
  • what concrete added value interim managers create in companies
  • over which time period interim managers are assigned
  • what demand exists for the service of interim managers
  • which companies hire interim managers
  • what daily rates interim managers have
  • Covid-19 from the view of interim managers

The Interim Management Report 2021 at a glance

The assignment of Interim Management in companies

Despite the change in the business environment caused by the emergence of COVID-19, the main reasons for using interim management have remained unchanged.

What are the characteristics of an interim manager?

Interim management is not an apprenticeship – rather, the job is based on relevant professional experience, many years of routine as well as outstanding expertise as a manager.

The Covid-19 pandemic from the perspective of interim managers

The interim managers we surveyed perceive COVID-19 as a particular challenge, but equally as an opportunity for sustainable change in companies.

The Interim Management Report 2021 covers the aspects of collaboration between interim managers and companies, gives a precise look at the profile of interim managers and illustrates the pandemic from the perspective of interim managers.

These charts tell the story of the Interim Management Reports 2021


Interim Management Report 2021
English, PDF (7 MB)

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EO Executives is an international executive search firm and an interim management provider. For more than 20 years, we have been filling management positions in close cooperation with our clients – both with permanent and temporary executives or interim managers.

We believe that companies expect more than many executive search firms can offer them, and we are not satisfied until our executives deliver the desired results once they have been successfully positioned within the company. Only then we refer to the Perfect Match.

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